Friday, December 23, 2011

What is Yixing clay?

Yixing located in Jiangsu province, China. Is a famed city for pottery long before Yixing teapot emerged. Yixing teapot gained its fame for 2 main reasons, first is superiority of clay itself, second is artistic value.

Yixing clay, mainly classified as Zini, Duanni and Hongni. Is classification of color. Zini being brown(ish), Duanni being yellow and Hongni being red.

Zini, has many types such as Qing Shui Ni, Di Cao Qing, Pin Zi Ni and so on, is the most common Yixing clay.

Duanni has sub-branches such as Ben Shan Lv Ni, Jin Huang Duan Ni, Mo Lv Ni

Hongni has Hong Ni and Zhu Ni. Zhuni being delicate Hongni, has Xiao Mei Yao Zhuni, Zhaozhuang Zhuni and Huanglongshan or Huanglong mountain Zhuni.

Teapots for sale

Zhuni, 150ml, this pot is called Xishi Ruding, clay used is modern Zhuni

Songshu Putao Zhuang (pine-tree/grape decorated), 400ml huge pot,
hand-made by Wang Hong Yan

Shi Piao, 140ml, this pot was made during late-80's~early-90's.
Clay is high quality Pin Zini.

Late-80's~early-90's Factory-1 stuff, 140ml, clay is high quality Pin Zini

Late-80's~early-90's Factory-1. 150ml, high quality Pin Zini.

This one is not Factory-1, made after 97, but made by same artist using same clay. High quality Pin Zini, size around 150ml.

Factory-1 stuff, 110ml

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